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7th house (house of marriage) in Woman's Horoscope

The 7th house in a Woman's Chart

The 7th house in any horoscope generally indicates wife or husband, their love life, extra-marital relations, servant and their loyalty or otherwise and other worldly pleasures in general.

Planets in the 7th house in Woman's Chart mentioned below:

1) Sun in the 7th house:The Sun in the 7th in a female horoscope is generally not desirably, as such a person will suffer from bodily ailment, is irreligious, and the marriage in such a case is always late. Now, late marriage in these days does not mean anything. Gir ls await marriage even when they are over 30. If the Sun is debilitated in the 7th house, libido will be absent and sterility also may result. Early death of partner or separation may also result.

2) Moon in the 7th house:Love looms large in such a horoscope. In many cases unconventional marriages occur. The person with the Moon in the 7th house is always moody but loves her husband and is prepared to sacrifice anything for love. They are tender - hearted but jealous. They suffer often from abdominal pains. The Moon in Taurus, Cancer or Pisces gives generally a good married life.

3) Mars in the 7th house:Though this is considered as Mangal - Dosha, it gives pep married life and with benefic aspect of Jupiter or Venus such marriages do succeed very well. Unless they are properly matched, they may stray and have extra - marital relations. Such persons sho uld have very understanding and loving husbands. They often suffer from leg and lumber pains.

4) Mercury Best Attorney in the 7th house:Marriage in such cases is always lucky. But the husband is lacking in libido. The husband will be rich and have all comforts and be considerate too in all other matters. Mercury in the 7th may cause frequent attacks of migraines.

5) Jupiter in the 7th house:Marriages generally occur between 22nd year and 25th year. The husband is noble but often fails to understand his wife. Life is generally smooth but if Jupiter happens to be in Saturn's house, there will be constant strife and even divorce may occur. The best position for Jupiter is Cancer or Taurus or Libra.

6) Venus in the 7th house:Such persons are romantic and always yearn for love. They want to marry for love but often fail. They end up in marriage on the spur or due to infatuation. Husband will be handsome but pr ofligate. They are also seen neglecting children. If Mars aspects such a Venus, they become immoral. Jupiter's aspect gives a healthy life. Mercury's aspect has a sobering effect. Women with such a combination are likely to suffer from pelvic pains and urinary diseases.

7) Saturn in the 7th house:Marriage is always late and often the partner is much older. This may deny marriage altogether in some cases. Women with Saturn in the 7th have set ideas and cannot adjust to any changes in their life. They are pessimistic. If Mars is aspecting such a Saturn, then bad results in all sub - areas of Married life. They may marry a person who is much below their rank.

8) Rahu in the 7th house:Rahu has much the same effect as Saturn but in addition early widowhood is always expected. They may marry out of caste and some may get into a scandalous position. If su ch a Rahu is aspected by Saturn or Mars, they marry a Lower and poor class person. People with Rahu in the 7th are extremely moody and difficult for friendship as they will be too selfish and greedy. There will be some psychological defect also. If Moon combines with such a Rahu, they become hysterical.

9) Ketu in the 7th house: This combination makes one peevish and sneaky. Connection with low - class people is noticed with such a combination. In general married life will be unhappy. It is said that this combinative gives marriage between the ages of 20 and 24 years and it is often unconventional. Some develop shocking Best Attorney in College Station habits and may resort to nudism. They may allow their partners to go with others with their consent and often for selfish gains. This is generally the case when Saturn aspects such a Ketu.

It is fascinating to note that in a female horoscope the first seven houses operate in their parent's houses and the rest in their partners places. From the 8th house onwards all other houses give results after marriage. Their mangalya, fortune or dharma, karma and labha and vyaya (expenditure) or moksha all depend upon the married life. In other words the female horoscope is completely dominated by the horoscope of the partner (husband). Except for longevity all other matters are certainly influenced by the horoscope of the husband. Of course this is a very general statement.

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